vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Justin Timberlake fucks!

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maandag 12 augustus 2013

donderdag 8 augustus 2013

zondag 4 augustus 2013

jake T austin and Nathan kress

jake had a rough party the night before and he went to bed on 5 am so he was still a sleep till 3 pm .
there was somthing going on while he was asleep  nathan kress whas invited to atalk show and they had somthing realy suprising to say about jake.
so when jake woke up he saw that david his bro from wizzards of waverly place had sended him a tekst dude look at the tv. they have somthing schokking of you and nathan seems to like it i don't know what becaus they would only see nathan the pic . here i sent you the link.

*tv show*

we have a special geust tonight it's nathan kress!!
nathan said hello everybody!!
so nathan we have somthing you maybe would like about jake t austin.
nathan : o realy what.
they show him the pic and nathan was schokked . he ddirectly got a bonner of the pic they had shown him.

he needed to hide that he was getting realy horny so he bited his tongue and said nice body but i don't know what to do with that. but he tought damm i love that ass.
but we know what you can do! so they nshutted the camera down because it's Always a suprise. nathan we want you to fuck this little twink hard in the ass and break him and let him fuck you!
nathan wath!!! his poor anus i mean how can i do that here is his nummer 1234-555-998.
the camera's started back on . and the women said if you do it you win a braned new Mercedes and 1 million dollars.
the show stopped and jake was thinking what should he need to do .
at the same time jake said that he did get a tekst from nathan hey dude wanna snapchat?
jake said sure my snapchat is bigjake . nathan said okay
*1minute later*
jake o he sended me a snapchat
jake saw the horny position nathan was in and he went hard (he was also standing naked) so he fast putted a diesel underwear on.
jake answerd
nathan didn't answer anymore by snapchat he said with a tekst on my way!!
nathan arrived at jake his house and rang the doorbell .
jake fast teleported whit his magical wand to his dad of wizard of waverly place his home and said dad i think i need condoms . his dad gave them directly
jake was nervous because he had never fucked before and his dad said keep calm my son.
jake teleported back home and opend the door with this face.

 he was stunned by nathans great look and said nathan pleas comme in .
 nathan walked in umm jeak can i shower i'm all sweaty .
jake said sure here is a towel the shower is upstairs. nathan said thanks .
he ran upstairs . jake looked at nathan's ass and was getting hard.
nathan was showering and yelled JAKE DO YOU HAVE A SHAVER!!!?.?
jake YES I WILL COME HELP YOU he walked in but nathan was standing there with his penis out his towel.
jake was screaming SORRY!!
nathan said that's okay you like it?
jake said yes your actually realy hot! .
nathan said ty did you know what they showed me on the show ?
jake said  no tell me pleas.
nathan : you naked in a doggy position fingering yourselff!
jake : omg !!!!! how did they get that pic?
nathan : i don't know but i thought you look good.
jake : i think i'm gonna lay down a little bit.
nathan okay i'll be there in a sec.
jake left and had seen jake looking at him . he tought maybe if he saw me doing somthing like that he would get horny!
so he sended ake a pic.
jake recieved it and went full horny mode!! he screamed yes let me be your melon!!!!!
nathan said come look at me then look what i found.
jake couldn't help himself anymore and said let me suck that big thing!!

nathan: hmmm jake you are so good !!! i love your lips around my big stick!
jake: hmm it taste*gulp*realy slll good.
nathan stop i'm gonna cum .
jake stopped and felled in the coatch and said now it's my turn blow me!

nathan couldn't resist it jake was whay to sexy he removed jakes pants and started sucking him!
nathan : yourr so big!!!
jake:hmmm takeeuuu it uuu all the way!!!
jaked flipped nathan over and undressed himself!

 just pretent that that is nathan.
jake jumped on him like a wild tiger but what he didn't know was that nathan all this was recording.
nathan went into doggy style and jake fucked him hard!
nathan screamed like a big men whe  jake pushed the hole thing in nathan's tight ass .
nathan : oooo jake your dick's feels great!!
jake : fuck my god nathan your thight!!


jake started to turn nathan over to fit his dick better in nathan's ass!

nathan oooo fuck jake your soo good at this.
jake : I'M GONNA CUM
nathan : FILL ME UP!!!

nathan : now it's my turn
jake /ooh yes pleas!!!

jake : fill me with you baby bather NATHAN!!!
 nathan : ooo fuck yes!!
he came 5 times in jake and said . i have to go till the next time jaky boy! he winked and left
the next day jake saw nathan again on tv win 5 million dollars but didn't know what was the reason he was really happy for nathan!


donderdag 1 augustus 2013

mitchel musso , jason earles , billy ray cyrus

it was the last episode of Hannah montanna and the boy's promised each other somthing when the last episode ended they would fuck each other and 1 random fan boy so thzt's what they did.

jake T austin and jonas brothers.

Jake t austin and jonas brothers are winning so here's a little peace of the storyy joe was fucking jake with his big wand deep in jake his ass wen suddenly nick came in and hided behind the door and starting to grow a boner.


woensdag 31 juli 2013

Zayn Malik andJustin Bieber

Zayn was riding his car to a verry expensive restaurant but he love's to eat chicken there because it tasted awsome in his mouth. when he arrived at the place he orderd the food and went to the toillet. that was the moment went things started to get weird the door was locked and he heard someone moaning ooo zayn faster hmm yea . zayn unlocked the door with his unlocking skills and he saw justin bieber there fucking himself with a dildo imagening zayn fucking him.
when zayn saw justin's amazing 8 inch cock he only could think abpout sucking that thing and riding it . He was getting so hard by seeing justin humping on that dildo he couldn't control himself. So he ran to his car and ran home. when he arrived at home he removed his pants and started jerking off and moaning oooo justin right there ooo justin!!! harder hmmm let me feel your body! he had a picutre of justin in the bathroom so he started jerking of on that.

he was starting to jerk off harder and harder . when suddently his Phone went off and it was justin who called him he couldn't hold his loud anymore and all of his juices flew over the place. 

he fast answered the Phone and said on a very exhausted tone heyuu juuustinn hu hu.
justin directly went horny and get a hard one. hi zayn maybe you wanna come over? i have a birthday present for you cause it's your birthday tommorow . zayn ooh that sounds like so much fun i will be there in 1 hour. justin okay byee! zayn went showering and dressed up and leaved to justin. he ranged justin doorbell . He heard a voice screaming from inside it's open.
zayn walked in to the livingroom and  saw there justin bieber what a massive dildo in his ass moaning zayyn oooh zaayyn you're here please fuck me! i want your big hard directioned dick deep in my anus.

zayn couldn't resist this removed all his clothes and ran to justin.
justin : ooo birthday boy you have one big london sausage hanging there i shall take care of that.
justin started to suck zayn's  cock.
zayn : oooo justin hmm you lips feel so soft.
justin's face was dripping of zayn's precum.
zayn : justin you ready to fuck!
justin : ooo baby fill me up whit that big dick!
zayn puts his dick deep inside Justine and justin moaned really hard.
justin : zayn ooo wait slower you are hurting me.
zayn : common you can take usher but not me.
justin : but i wanna do it nice and slowly with you.
justin started to move his but up and down on zayn his dick.

zayn thought what if whe do somthing hornyier. he flipped justin over and now justin was sitting on zayn's dick and humping it .
zay: sing to me justin

zayn rolled justin and started to do doggy with each other body's pressed against each other.
 zayn couldn't hold his sperm annymore and shooted 6 loads in justin . zayn glipped out of justin anus and justin started to clean up zayn's dick and said now it's my turn. zayn said okay but remember i'm a virgin.
justin shoved his hard cock in zayn's ass and zayn screamed realy loud!.
zayn : ooooo fuck push it in the hole thing!!.
justin pushed his hole dick in zayn's ass.
zayn : omg this feels great


justin came 4 time's in zayn and zayn cleaned it all up!
they both fell asleep in each other arm's and said i love you!!
*in the morning*

justin woke up and saw zayn's naked ass just laying there he went unther the sheets and started licking it . 2 seconds later zayn started moaning oooh justin suck my dick!!
justin : ooo i would love to he started sucking zayn's dick and zayn cummed in justin's face .
zayn :justin i only got 1 hour left fast let me fuck you!
justin : oo pleas fuck me fuck my tiny little ass .

they both came at the same time they were droning in each other sperm .
zayn : hmmm ty justin for this lovely day hope we can do this again can i maybe have a horny pic of you so i can rememeber this day ?
justin : sure do you like this pose ?

zayn : hmmm yeahh he stuck his finger in justin ass ooo i just wish i had more time and kissed him.
justin : now give me one to .
zayn : okay here you  go take on fast.
justin jumped on zayn ooo pleas fuck me one last time realy fast .
zayn : sorry i can't i need to go to the other members of 1D.
justin fast grabbed zayn's dick and putted in his anus and started humping it oooh zayn yes fuck me!!! yeas zayn .
zayn : justi STOP ooooo OOOOOO keep doing it.
it only took justin 1 minute to let zayn cum 5 loads in justin's ass .
justin : hmm  i love you
they kissed
zayn : i love you 2
zayn took his clothes and lef the house .
justin went to the toilet held a jar under his ass pulled his ass cheeks and let the cum drip squirt out of it.
justin: hmmm i gonna keep this ass lube . aah what the hack he drink 1 gallon of sperm up and the other half he sat in the clauset for next time.